As a language instructor, Spanish teacher and Language Learning Coach, I believe that language learning is a social, cultural, cognitive, and creative process.  I have been learning and teaching language cumulatively for 30 years, and find great joy in coaching others through the process of acquiring another language and building bridges into other people’s lives and cultures. My teaching experiences range from elementary, middle, high school and college Spanish classes, elementary Bilingual Education, elementary and adult ESL, elementary and middle school English Grammar, and Patterns of the World–a hands-on language and linguistics exploration class for kids, with the goal of making language and culture engaging and meaningful for all ages and class sizes. I earned my MA in Language Learning, Linguistics, and Spanish at Wayne State University in 2017 and my BA in Spanish for Bilingual Education and ESL at the University of Northern Colorado in 1996.  Through interactive teaching,  strategic coaching, and creative curriculum design, I want my students to discover the wonder of what language and culture are, how they work, and the boundaries that define them.  I aspire to prepare them for ambiguities, teach them to discover patterns and with that, orchestrate lifelong learning in a global community.  As a lifelong learner myself, interacting with my unique students also inspires me to new heights.

I reside in Dearborn, Michigan with my husband and three children and img_19751enjoy the ethnic variety that our neighborhood has to offer. When I’m not coaching my kids through their Arabic homework, or teaching Spanish classes, I love to play with words in English, hike in the Colorado Rockies, and Greek dance in the living room. I’m also partial to long walks and a good cup of Earl Grey tea.